If you are looking to forward to have a nifty social network that fits your circle, we present to you Radar, a Twitter clone script.

The product is handy and lets you set up a vibrant platform to bring your folks together, on board.

It’s packaged with all the feature you need to conquer your virtual social world.

The best part, you don’t have to put up with the social noise that has cluttered most of the social networking sites.

Here’s unleashing the product in its full size.

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  • Full-fledged twitter alike, networking site
  • Self-host social network
  • Upper hand of Admin
  • Highly collaborative platform with supporting features
  • Built using Laravel PHP MySQL HTML5 CSS3 JS

Web App Demo:

Here’s a look around Radar admin dashboard

Admin’s dashboard home with statistical data about your website.


Control entire environment from the dashboard.


The ‘User Management’ page from the dashboard.


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Here’s a look around Radar Front-end

User’s profile page with profile picture, personal details and Blips.


Feeds from other users in the home page

Separate tab for personal messages, Ping!

Get notifications on your follower

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And in case you need installation support, you can ask for it here: Concierge Setup Support Service