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By May 2, 2017Company Updates

Tranxit is an Uber Clone Script made with a lot of love by our developers. It is a taxi booking app, users can download, log-in and start booking cabs right away without any hassle.

Tranxit, is a taxi booking app. It is completely responsive and contains standardized coding format for ease of customization. The web/mobile app (Uber Clone script) can be monitored and controlled from the admin panel with options to manage almost every aspect of the application.  The web application and it’s mobile API’s are built using Laravel 5.3 PHP framework and integrated with MySQL database. The front-end part of the website is completely responsive and built with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and React.js. The installation of the script is extremely easy.

Driver Verification 

It is important for the users to know their driver before getting into the car with them. The drivers will first need to submit all the required documents before the admin can take them on board. The documents are such as license, RC book and other related documents. After the driver submits the documents, it will automatically be sent to the administrator and He/she will categorize the driver accordingly. Once he has his service type, the admin will approve of the driver and take him on board after a final check.

Detailed profile of driver and car

In our Uber clone script – Tranxit the registration process of the driver includes a few steps such as applying, after which the driver will reach a page which he is required to fill in with all his details, he then has to upload his license and other required documents onto the page. This page will be visible to the clients, the page contains all the documents relating to the client’s concerns. This way the client knows the driver better than ever and feels safe during the ride. 

Driver Rating & Call the driver 

The Uber Clone Script allows the users to rate the drivers accordingly after the ride. With the help of stars, heard of the 5 stars the rating process? 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. The users can also leave comments on the driver if they wish to. Calling the driver – For the convinience  of the users, we have installed a feature that allows the users to contact the driver through the app itself, not requiring the users to leave app or share any other detail like there numbers. The customer and driver can text each other or call each on Tranxit.

Premium Plugin Option (VOIP) 

For a small cost we will be able to build in video calls inside of the app so that none of your providers and customers will be able to share each others’ numbers. This way they can get in touch with each other without the concern of sharing their numbers. This feature is a kickass one! The system allows direct contact between the customer and the driver through this premium plugin feature.

Know your driver location status in real time 
After booking a ride the customers can use the map to check where the driver is. As the driver
moves the map will automatically be update to show the customers the precise location of the driver. This w
ay you can see how far away or close by your driver is and plan accordingly. No time wasted!

Have a pleasant Trip with TRANSIT! 

Use Tranxit for your next trip with a taxi or limo, or start your own Uber like Venture with our Tranxit Uber Clone Script by clicking here :



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