netflix clone script for iOS, Android, Xbox, Website, Chromecast with server


Start your own free and paid subscription based video streaming service with this powerful Netflix clone script.

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  1. Built in core PHP MySQL – HTML5 CSS3 & JS in play
  2. Fully adaptive and responsive design
  3. Trailers and Full video uploadable for each title
  4. You can set what videos are available to what tier of users, just trailers of the titles are some fully free videos
  5. H.264 MP4 video skinned player integrated to play to any client device or platform
  6. Upload a video once and play it on any device – iOS, Android, Chromecast etc.
  7. Featured and Promoted titles area
  8. SEO friendly URLS
  9. Search feature
  10. Video upload, Title description, Album art, Staff Review, Cast & Crew, Trivia etc editable from a comfortable admin dashboard
  11. Review and rating functionality
  12. Social viewing experience with Facebook and Twitter broadcasting of audience viewing habits.
  13. iOS, Android and Chromecast apps will be available to purchase on 16th June 2014


Okay, I can buy the script from here, but where do I get the titles?

Good question. If you are able to connect to a local shortfilm group, or if you can talk to your local movie industry, you can setup a Netflix like subscription based video streaming service with free and paid tiers of access.


If you are a content creator, this is for you!

If you are create video content, be it in the genre of science, religion, how to, skill coaching or even porn, you can set this site up and start establishing yourself as the top notch player in your industry. Your competitors will never know what hit them. Research shows that people prefer such elegant solutions, rather than yester-decade style YouTube clones out there.



This script has features that will make every single one of your subscribers, your social advertisement channels. It will keep broadcasting all of their actions on your site, to their social avenues like Facebook, Twitter or G+! Of course, there will be configuration options in their user dashboard that they can turn it off, but it is kept in such a way that they would have to really look for it to disable such social sharing. But frankly, most don’t mind social sharing of their binge habbits. Lord knows Twitter and Facebook are full of people’s live reactions to Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and House of Cards


Pirated videos?

If your country does not have a problem with piracy, go ahead and buy this script from us and start a POPCORN TIME like free and paid subscription service that will make you super rich. Showcasing your position as leader in provider of video streaming services with amazing traction will get your local and even international movie houses to start a dialog with you.


The script is still in the making, although you can browse a couple of screens.

Demo the site as:



Admin Username: maxflix Password:maxflix


What comes in the box?

A Viral Content Showcase Source Code in PHP MySQL that you can host on any server shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud.



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