Turnkey script to start and run a $100 Million news venture?

Here is a mobile CMS with a responsive, search engine optimized website along with iOS and Android Source code.


The world of Mobile Dating is yours...

Kickstart your mobile dating startup in minutes!


Be the next breaking news app!

Start your very own Snapchat like secretive messaging app with your own server.


Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 Billion Dollars. You can have it for 99¢!


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Non-Tech Entrepreneur?

Starting from delivering a version 1.0 of your product, we can remain as your technology backend and let you be free to grow your company like there is no tomorrow.

Free for Non-Profit Organizations!

If you are an entity, trying to do some good for the world, we want to do something good for you. We offer any of our products free of cost to you.

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