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Blue Apron has the biggest consumer tech IPO since Snap Inc, and that’s why Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods may not affect it. Get the Clone TODAY!

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There is still a lot of craze surrounding Blue Apron’s IPO, since it’s the biggest consumer tech IPO since Snap Inc. Have your own Blue Apron up and running within a few hours! Get in touch with us to clone any app that interests you. Blue Apron is doing a lot more than expected, your app can the be next one to break history. Get in touch with us now! Let’s Build.

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With $1.7 Million in funding, Ntro, a new social discovery app has been launched. Want be the next on the headline? Get your Clone Script and start own venture TODAY!

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Ntro is a new kid on the block of discovery apps. Learn more about Ntro and its features on the blog. Interesting fact – Ntro has taken the best features of all the other apps so users can have one app with all the best features. What an idea! Do you have something like this in mind? We’ll turn your vision into reality, Let’s Build. #UberCloneApps #UberLikeapps #cloneapps

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Presenting 6GAG Tv, GET IT NOW!

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9Gag Tv Clone Script. 

9GAG is an online platform and social media website. Users upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites. Since the website was launched on July 1, 2008, it has grown in popularity, reaching more than 35.4 million Facebook likes, 8.34 million Twitter followers in February 5, 2017 and 32.8 million followers on Instagram in September 2016.

In December 2015 it had 164 million visitors: 7.82% from Germany, 7.02% from the United States, 5.35% from France, 4.77% from Brazil and 3.93% from Turkey. As of 2015 the company had raised $24.5 million in total funding. Investors included 500 Startups, Benjamin Ling, BoxGroup, Adam Rothenberg, David Tisch, Freestyle Capital, James Hong, Philip Kaplan, Scott Banister, Stapleton Inc, Luvtug, and Y Combinator.  

6GAG tv Clone script

6GAG Tv Clone Script is a feature-full Web and Mobile app available for Android and iOS users. Our developers worked hard to get this clone up and ready, and now they use it to have some laughs from time to time.  This 9GAG TV clone Script is available on our website, get your own clone script and start a profitable business from day one! 

Like our other apps, our clone script has extraordinary features exclusively for you, features like ;


To search for a particular video and not having to go through all the other ones.

Profile Page  

Control the basic profile settings in this page. See all your activity of your posts and comments, also its hottest happenings


The social plugins in the app allow you to share the posts from 6GAG Tv  to all social media sites improving the Vitality of the app.

Report Abuse

Express your concern on a particular video by reporting it as spam and having it taken down.

These were the few Web App features, Next here’s a list of a few available features on your Mobile App.

Mobile App Features 


Once you click on a video and it ends, the next related video will automatically play.


Give your users the option to comment and reply to each comment leading to a debate which will entertain not just them but everyone!


Rate the trending video by choosing the upward thumb and downward thumb depending on if you liked it or not.


With the wide range of categories users will find it easy to search for the video they are looking for.


To have your own 9GAG Tv clone get the complete script right here :

Let’s get started!