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Growth Hacking for Digital Product Entrepreneurs!

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Who are we? what do we do? Here is an article that will tel you all about why you need us in your lives! Hope to speak to you soon! We sell whitelabel turnkey digital products that people start tech ventures with. Our products become the Minimum Viable First Version of many technology ventures all over the world.

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Use Radar, Twitter Clone Script to create a closed social network for your Office or Team

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Imagine the power of Twitter, working for your team or office.



Twitter is one of the major-leagues in the social networking realm. The microblogging site has introduced us to new techniques of interaction on the social network. “Tweet” – a post written by the user in just 140 characters to send out the message, lets us put forth our views and pointers. The users can reply to these tweets with comments, likes and retweet or share the post.

Well, as Twitter is not just constricted to friends and acquaintances, the users can get connected to anybody around the world. With the Twitter’s ‘Follow’ option, users can get feeds from their favourite stars and inspiring role models. Twitter has indeed unleashed a whole new level of connectivity and is now considered as a global chit chat platform.

Because Twitter is an open wilderness and has no limits, it is impossible to stay out of the loop and social commotion. We have been using Twitter for various reasons and are aware of the varied nature of the environment.

Unlike the usual social networks, an official network should be nifty at hand and devoid of all the unnecessary information (social noise).

Why do we need a official network at all? A network as such fosters the efficiency and bonding between the employees at your workplace.


With Radar, a twitter clone script, you can have a self-hosted networking site solely for your office or team, which has all the cutting edge features of Twitter and since it restricted only to the employees, the decorum is intact. Here’s how the Radar features are beneficial to the employees in the organization.

Blip – Post your work updates and product development status to notify other colleagues.

Echo – Share the posts written by the teammates as your own to spread it to your circles.

Comment – Other employees can comment on the posts to encourage and give suggestion.

Ping – Send personal message to seek and render help at work.

Favorite – Mark a post by a team mate as favorite to encourage them or to mark it for reference to later come back to.

Feeds – Every employee will get feeds regarding work status updated by other colleagues in their home page. While, the employees working on the same project can follow each other to give feedbacks and share ideas.

One Evil Thing you need to know is that if You are the one setting up Radar for your team or office, YOU will have God like powers of reading all the private conversations everyone are having. 

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility, so what type of super admin will you be?

Still wondering how Radar, our twitter clone script can be an official network?
Let’s say, employees working on the diversified project in different modules are unaware of what other teammates are working on. Updating the regular status will help the employees stay on the same page.

If an employee is having a problem in accordance with the project, he/ she can post the issue, while the others can brainstorm and reply with suggestions. Also, due to the work pressure employees forget to indulge themselves in their recreational interests, a networking platform is an open opportunity for the employees to enrich their talent and learn from each other.

The team leads can call out for meeting and discussion. Colleagues can help each other in their dashboard without being disturbed. The platform can also be used for an idea generation session where all the employees can post their ideas to improve the products and operations.

For monetization, You can also run installation and Radar setup operations for other organizations around you and charge them for the service. You can do this as a freelancer, as a student who got this script installed for a nearby office or as a company fully white labelling (We’ll be happy to support your end customers as your own staff with your email ids) this product as your own. We will be here to support you and send you lifelong updates for free 🙂

Stacks of British pound coins

If you are planning to have a sole social network for your office or plan to setup social networks for teams and offices around you as a a freelancer or a company, we could help you take this endeavor forward. Contact us at

Create an Alumni Network with Radar, Twitter Clone Script

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Twitter is a microblogging social networking site that has reaped over 332 million active users as of 2015. It has taken the world by giving it an additive platform and feature swags for social interaction and information exchange. Be it your role model or just the guy next door, you can find everybody on Twitter.


The users on Twitter can write short posts of 140 characters, famously known as ‘Tweet’ while others can like, comment and retweet the post in order to give credit. To be an active part of the social streaming world, the user should follow and be followed on Twitter, the higher the number is on either side (followers & followings), the more involved you are on the social rampage.

That’s not all, the Hashtags (#) used in the tweets are the best way to search for public opinions and ideas in related topic mentioned on Twitter, undoubtedly useful to the society at large.

So why do we need a Twitter Clone Script, when we already have Twitter?

Twitter being the diversified platform, has around 350,000 tweets swarming in every minute, that’s a lot of information! In order to be a part of the pep rally on Twitter, users have to put up with flooding social noises and frenzy distraction. With Twitter, it is nearly impossible to escape the massive information clutter.




However, it is undeniable that Twitter has several well-versed features that can connect people at any levels. If only there was a way to insulate the nifty environment from the trivialities.

One of the few ways is having a social networking site that is confined to a particular circle. You can use Radar, a Twitter Clone Script to create a self-hosted, closed social network for all most everything.

We suggest an Alumni Network, to reunite your old friends from back in times. A platform only for the alumni of your school and college to be in touch and talk over the reminiscences, they are going to love it!

With Radar, we have created Twitter like interactive platform without any disruptions by the outer world.

You can ‘Blip’ about memorable and funny past event with pictures, while others can ‘favorite’ the posts, ‘Echo’ or comment on the posts. Use Hashtags and @username to mention the user in your posts and comments. You can follow your batch mates, seniors and juniors, probably your professors too. Through this missing link, you can get feeds on what your friends and acquaintances are up to recently. Also send personal messages to your mates through ‘Ping’.

You will be surprised to see how the platform could come to your rescue in numerous other ways. For instance, if you looking for a job change or other opportunities, you can ask alumni for the recommendations. You can discuss and seek suggestion on work related ideas or even issues. You can start a sideline business with your alumni friends. Alumni, who are entrepreneurs can interact and meet each other’s business requirements.


Or let’s say, when you move to the new city where you don’t have friends, alumni can get you connected with their friends and acquaintance residing nearby, who could help you out in the new place. You can also share your recreational interests like sports, movies or arts, plan events likes small togethers and reunion.

And if your children want to get into the same alma mater, who else can help you better than the alumni themselves.

Since every venture must have a good monetization model, here are some idea to bring in decent capital from the product. You can set a membership cost for users to use the platform, alumni will be absolutely fine paying a minimal price to stay connected. This model works for most of the private social networks. Or you can float various advertisements and convert the existing visitors into a source of revenue, which proves to be a beneficial step to generate money for all the websites.

If you are planning to have social network for your alumni circle, we could help you launch it. Contact us at